• Logo Design

    Logos are a unique and eye-catching visual representation of your company that spread the message of your brand through colors, imagery, and text. The importance of your logo cannot be understated due to the impression and association they leave … good OR bad. How’s your logo? Is it in need of a touch-up, re-draw, or a complete overhaul? Starting from scratch and need a brand new logo? Echelon Creative Services can work with you to develop a logo you can be proud of.
  • Print Design

    Print is not dead! While much of advertising and marketing have moved to digital only, the lower cost of smaller print runs and the option of online printing services make printed pieces a viable option. Even the most screen addicted among us can still appreciate the effect, feel, and memory of an actual printed piece. It has a way of quickly engaging the reader that even the fastest loading website cannot. From flyers, brochures and sales sheets to ads and the good old fashioned business card, Echelon can help you get started on your next memorable print project.
  • Brand Identity

    How do your customers, current and potential, see your business? Sure, you already understand the importance of your logo. And your website. And your outdoor signs and that magazine ad you recently ran. But how do all of those elements work together to identify and reinforce your company? Your BRAND? In order to create a lasting impression and identifiable image in your customers’ minds, colors, recognizability, and consistency across platforms matter. Get in touch with Echelon Creative Services and let’s build an attractive package that gets your customers’ attention AND repeat business.
  • Email Marketing Design

    When it comes to reaching thousands, even millions, of your customers, there aren’t many options that are more effective and less expensive than email marketing. And it’s easy to understand why — with the proliferation of smart phones with great data plans and easy to find wi-fi, your potential customers are never out of reach. There are many options for email sending platforms, but what about the HTML email itself? It has to be attractive and mobile device compatible with a direct message. A solidly built email that dependably carries your brand and message to your customers … that’s what Echelon Creative can provide.
About Echelon
Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, Echelon Creative provides graphic design and creative services for clients in various industries both locally and all over the country. Through a diverse range of media including direct mail design, email marketing design, logos, identity and branding, brochures, menus, posters, stationary, tradeshow booths and banners, billboards, web, social media and more, our graphic design and creative services help our clients communicate their intended message and achieve the results they seek. Let's get started on your next exciting project.
About me
With over 15 years of experience as a designer, I've successfully completed thousands of projects for clients in various industries. My experience in the workplace is as diverse as the range of media my projects have spanned, and having worked remotely for the last 10+ years has taught me the value of excellent customer service and the importance of a strong work ethic while working independently. I strive to make my clients happy, and am recognized as being extremely easy to work with. I promise ... no snooty designer attitude here. I look forward to working with you.
  • "Echelon Creative has had a tremendous impact on our business image. As a small business with limited resources, Echelon provided graphic and web design that put us on the national stage in the cycling industry. Gary has been a maverick, we have always given him free reign and he has presented an impressive final product."

    Tim Gregis • Owner • Pro Mountain Outfitters

  • "Gary has worked for us for many years and has been an excellent designer. I have always relied on his ability to take the client's vague input and create great communications in print and digital. He also understands the technical details of database manipulation, responsive design and email delivery that is critical in our cross-channel communications."

    David Nelson • Director of Communications • iDfour

  • "Gary grasped the nature of my business and captured my personality in my logo. He understood my needs and provided thorough, creative, and insightful feedback. I am more than satisfied with the result of our collaboration and highly recommend Echelon."

    Christa Aucremanne • Owner • Intuitive Wisdom, LLC