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Services Offered

Being a small design business, flexibility and a strong focus on customer service enable us to understand our clients needs, and build great relationships.  This results in finished projects that communicate the intended message and achieve their desired results. Echelon Creative’s featured graphic design services are listed below. However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Logo Design & Development

Logos are a unique and eye-catching visual representation of your company that conveys the message of your brand through colors, imagery, and text. The importance of your logo cannot be overstated due to the impression and association they leave … good OR bad. How’s your logo? Is it in need of a touch-up, re-draw, or a complete overhaul? Starting from scratch and need a brand new logo? Echelon Creative Services can work with you to develop a logo you can be proud of. View examples

Print Design

Print is not dead! While much of advertising and marketing have moved to digital only, the lower cost of smaller print runs and the option of online printing services make printed pieces a viable option. Even the most screen addicted among us can still appreciate the effect, feel, and memory of an actual printed piece. It has a way of quickly engaging the reader that even the fastest loading website cannot. From flyers, brochures and sales sheets to ads and the good old fashioned business card, Echelon can help you get started on your next memorable print project. View examples

Email Marketing

When it comes to reaching thousands, even millions, of your customers, there aren’t many options that are more effective and less expensive than email marketing. And it’s easy to understand why — with the proliferation of smart phones with great data plans and easy to find wi-fi, your potential customers are never out of reach. There are many options for email sending platforms, but what about the HTML email itself? It has to be attractive and mobile device compatible with a direct message. A solidly built email that dependably carries your brand and message to your customers … that’s what Echelon Creative can provide. View examples …

Branding & Identity

How do your customers, current and potential, see your business? Sure, you already understand the importance of your logo. And your website. And your outdoor signs and that magazine ad you recently ran. But how do all of those elements work together to identify and reinforce your company? Your BRAND? In order to create a lasting impression and identifiable image in your customers’ minds, colors, recognizability, and consistency across platforms matter. Get in touch with Echelon Creative Services and let’s build an attractive package that gets your customers’ attention AND repeat business. View examples …

Web Design

In the short history of website design, we’ve seen so many changes. Super simplistic to over-the-top, beautifully entertaining and complex sites. In general, however, a simple, clean, attractive design with well written and relevant copy is your best bet. Most visitors want to visit a pleasant looking site, easily find what they’re looking for, and then decide if they’ll contact you for more information or for a future transaction. Echelon Creative believes in this strategy, and offers small business and/or individuals the kind of site they’d like to visit. And for a whole lot less money than you’d expect. View examples …

Cycling Clothing

Your team needs a new kit with a fresh design … and with the explosion of companies offering inexpensive, fast-turnaround, custom sublimated athletic clothing, the possibility of new team kits every year or two is now a reality! But there’s so much more to proper kit design than just throwing a bunch of logos onto your clothing. As a longtime rider, racer and fan of the sport, I understand the importance of drawing attention through logo placement, color panels, and originality. Let’s get your team noticed with a new kit design! View examples …